Wednesday, September 27, 2006

back in time

Grandma called yesterday and she has been checking out the pictures. Baby K says "Hi Grandma and all my other fans!!"

Pantographs are wonderful. I can get a twin size quilt done in about 3 hours. This is a Linda V. Taylor pattern "Feathered Roses" that I used on the Hugs and Kisses quilt (from Tonya's Xs and Os). I have two quilts done that are ready for binding. They are both charity quilts, and I think I will attach both sides by machine. I usually machine stitch the binding to the top and hand-stitch the back, but I don't see myself getting that done in the next few years!!

Back in Time...we are waiting for the phone company to come and install regular land-based telephones todays. Ever since we moved into this brand-new subdivision, we have used only cell phones (long story about bad customer service). Last month, with all the baby news, we ended up going over our free minutes. This large cell phone bill inspired us to take a close look at our plan, and realized we were being lazy uninformed consumers who deserved to pay three times the going rate! So. we took the big step of switching cell phone services (yay - new phone!) and getting a land line. This should save us money because the regular phones will be bundled with our internet and cable service for a minimal price increase, and the cell service is much cheaper. Anyway, we have taken a step back from being a progressive wireless-only couple to a normal family with a home phone number!

One last shot of the happy baby...