Friday, November 24, 2006


I couldn't post the Thanksgiving menu until today, because I don't cook. But, we always have our choice of invitations for holiday brother in law is a gourmet cook, and my dad and some buddies take charge of Thanksgiving. This year we stayed with my side of the family. Dad and buddies started the feast on Wednesday over coffee. They moved into the kitchen for two days of preparations, and we sat down to eat last night at 5pm. The buffet included tossed salad, chorizo-sweet potato stuffing, apricot herb stuffing, mashed potatoes, layered sweet potato casserole, roasted green beans, cranberry-covered pork loin and your choice of BBQ or sage-roasted turkey. Everything was DELICIOUS!!! Alas, no turkey sandwiches for me this weekend unless I go to the sub shop ;-)

So, my leftovers consist of quilting UFOs. I had some time yesterday, so I poked around and found the bag of scraps from a stack-n-whack. I used the Treasure Box pattern. When I started sewing the extra blocks, I didn't want to take the time to do y-seams, so I left out the green sashing. I have a couple more kaleidoscope squares to put together, then I can play with the layout. I have a few squares done with sashing, so they may become a central piece, with the extras around the edge and the remaining fabric as borders. BTW, the fabric was Alexander Henry...generally a good choice for any type of stack-n-whack/one block wonder/kaleidoscope type quilt!Besides not cooking, I don't all the bargains are available for those of you brave souls who venture forth on Black Friday and keep retail America happy. Thanks for supporting our economy :-)