Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring has Sprung

I am worried about the political divisions in our country and the potential for a flu epidemic. But, since those things are beyond my control, I will focus on the happy things in my life! I love to visit blogs and see pictures and read about everyone's life...those sneak peaks into the ordinary moments that fill our days. I have been an infrequent blogger for a while, and I realize I don't say much! For someone who dreams of being published someday, that's a sad state of affairs, which I will try to change - starting now.

I've dedicated most of my quilting time recently to Quilts of Valor. Last month, I quilted a beautiful top for a lady in California. A few weeks ago, I sent off a quilt to be presented to soldiers in Colorado (read about it here). And, I put borders on my Boxy Stars, so it's ready for quilting.As I was browsing around the QOV website, I noticed a link for a mystery pattern. (Instructions here.) I raided my stash (and my mother's stash as well!) and I'll start on that as my next project. I have piles of quilts in every room of my house, so I need an outlet for this hobby!

We're enjoying gorgeous spring weather after flirting with summer temperatures early last week. Baby K loves to have picnics, so we took some fresh strawberries outside for a snack.