Monday, February 18, 2008

On the homefront

I had grand plans of quilting all day while B. was a work and K. was at daycare. Then, K and I got sick, so she has to stay home. It's a day and night regimen of Tylenol and Motrin trying to keep her fever under control. She is in good spirits today. There was one period yesterday when her fever went up above 102.5 and she got pretty lethargic. We try to sponge her off continually, and she enjoyed playing with the washcloth!

Yes, she's going through a "stripper"phase where she takes off all her clothes. Yet another reason I'm thankful to live in Phoenix with the balmy winters!

Tonya came up with the idea of a housewarming party for Bonnie, who just moved. Here's my first attempt at a wonky free-pieced house. It was a fun, quick block, but I didn't pull out my whole scrap bin to work with, which limited my options. On the next one, I'll make the roof wider and make the door and window out of different colors.Another suggestion from Tonya was to send Bonnie any orphan blocks we have from the patterns that she offers. (If you haven't visited Quiltville, go now! Bonnie has terrific suggestions for organizing your scraps and she has put together an extensive library of free patterns using those scraps. The gallery is full of inspiration!) I'm sending one of my boxy star blocks.