Saturday, November 08, 2008

On second thought...

OK, you get the happy toddler first! She is in a phase where she comes home from daycare and has to change her own clothes. Lots of backwards, inside out shirts in the afternoon, LOL. Our minor drama the last few weeks was a missing purple shirt. It got wet on the playground one day and never made it back into her cubby. The whole staff at daycare was on the lookout for this thing! ($3 special at the checkout stand before Halloween, NOT a big deal.) After two weeks of looking, the director apologized and gave me a small credit on the weekly fee. Of course, the very next day they find it somehow shoved between the shelving units. Hooray! Don't you love a happy ending?

Here is my finished piece for the longarm challenge "Shades of Black and White." I decided not to enter it for judging, since I can see such glaring errors. For instance, the messy spirals. On the smaller swirls that you can see part of to the right, I did not backtrack very well, and the designs in the corners do not match. As my husband says, it's all a learning process.

And a full view, laid out in the rocky backyard. (We believe in desert landscaping. Besides, who wants to mow a big lawn in 100+ temperatures?!?) I used the Blooming Nine Patch pattern, which I'd love to try again with a different color palette. This version is 38 inches square.