Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Sewing

Last weekend I took a class from DeLoa Jones, a longarm quilter. We worked on feathers. Here is my sample piece...

Even though I have done freehand feathers on several quilts, I learned some new tips and shapes. Plus, it reinforced what I had learned in other classes. So, my message to other quilters is to take classes once in a while - it never hurts!
I decided over Christmas vacaction that I wanted to start journaling again. I know this blog serves a similar purpose, but I have kept a diary off and on since I was little. I spent a while in a bookstore perusing the blank books, and I loved the design on this one. I'm not very dedicated...3 entries for the whole month of January! I'll tell myself that new habits take a while to form.Baby K was an angel today...up until naptime, but I won't go into that! She announced after breakfast that she wanted to pllay upstairs. That is a rare treat. Even though her bedroom is upstairs, we keep the toy box downstairs and since she is still too young to play alone, we just never do that. But, I figure she is getting older so we can try it, especially on a lazy Saturday. I had a few projects in my sewing room, so I left her with some toys in her room (adjacent to my craft space). A few minutes later, she joined me in my sewing room, so I set her up with paper, rubber stamps and markers at my cutting table. She amused herself for almost an hour! It was so delightful. I was working on the borders for Shine On (pattern at Judy's Patchwork Times) and using the Boxy Stars (from Bonnie's Quiltville) as a leader/ender project.