Monday, February 21, 2011

New Project!

I cut some blue squares for the Centennial project, and then decided I needed some instant gratification. I pulled out a roll of 2.5" strips that I bought last summer, and started cutting for:
Boxy Stars, a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I like to make scrappy stars in rainbow colors. I need to do some quick math and then supplement from my stash because I'm planning this to eventually be a Quilt of Valor, and I want a 4 by 5 layout.

As I was sewing, I had the thought that this is one of the few times I have repeated a pattern! First, I was thinking it was the ONLY time I repeated, but then I realized I have made several Sudoku quilts. Those are such fun to plan! And, I've got plans to repeat another old favorite as a class sample...someday, when I get the sample done and have time to approach my LQS and get on their schedule, LOL. My brother's opinion comes to mind...he never re-reads a book since there are so many great books out there. What do you think - repeat a fun pattern or find something new and exciting?