Sunday, May 04, 2008

Enjoying the Weather

Baby K is a morning person; up at 6am, to bed at 7pm. (plus or minus a half hour!) This works well for early morning playtime before the sun is high and it's too hot to be outside. Today, she enjoyed splashing in the mud while we watered the trees. Gidget, our shy cat, likes to make a quick pass around the yard and then she darts back inside.
K.C. likes the water around the trees too!
My "artsy" shot...our peachy-pink roses in bloom.
I put Baby K's hair in pigtails yesterday. Too cute for words!
Craft update - I am quilting a t-shirt quilt on the longarm. The customer did NOT use any kind of interfacing or cotton sashing, so I had a bit of puckering and stretching on the sides. I wouldn't recommend that technique. T-shirts in general are hard to deal with. This is the second one this spring that I've quilted and I'm ready to get back to regular quilter's cotton!

Still mitering. This week's colors are light blue and chocolate brown. I'm enjoying this project so much! With about 20% of the squares done, I'm thinking I should start sewing some of the blocks together - just the like colors though, since I want to lay it all out and play with color placement when I have all 144 squares done. So, I need to find some instructions for mattress stitch and go to town.