Saturday, May 02, 2009


Here is my progress on the QOV Mystery (#7 from Persimmon Quilts). There are lots more red and white half square triangles ready, plus tons of 2 7/8 inch white squares for Clue #2. There are some people who can't stand mystery projects because they need to know what the whole thing looks like, but I enjoy the suspense. Birthday and Christmas presents can sit in my house for weeks ahead of the actual day, too! (That used to drive my college roommate crazy, ha ha.)

A few years ago, I took a class from Jackie Robinson, who told us that we were all perfectly capable of making half-square triangles WITHOUT drawing a line across one of the fabrics! I took that admonishment to heart. Here is the process I use:
Although smaller squares are easier, I am currently working with 5-inch pieces!My machine is set up with a quarter-inch foot, and the extension table has a ruler printed on it. You can see from the Purple Thang (TM) that I have markers to help me line up the fabric. If I am sewing 1/4 inch off the diagonal to get 2 half square triangels, then I line up the point right under the right-hand edge of my presser foot. Then, I watch the bottom corner of the fabric and make sure it crosses over my markers...the spot on my ruler and also the line on my bobbin case. Figure out some markers on your own machine and save some time piecing those half-square triangles.

I saw a hilarious description of the quilt binding process on this blog. (warning - adult language)