Thursday, May 01, 2008

Spring has Sprung

I'm one of those "Women Who Do Much." I've gotten better since Baby K was born and quit a bunch of committees, but Ravlery is a dangerous place...I am hosting several Mini Sock Swaps. This month the theme is Spring Flowers. I used some self-striping yarn with pink, green and blue sections. I was hoping that the amounts of pink and blue would be reversed, but I didn't want to destroy a brand new ball of yarn trying to start at just the right place in the colors. Last weekend I had some quilting time and quilted a pantograph on this shop sample that my mom pieced:
Here's the back where you can see the panto, called "Java." Sorry, don't have the designer's name handy!
Baby K used her potty not once but TWICE tonight! Can I get a cheer for early potty training?!?
Here she is playing with some blocks. It is so adorable when she concentrates on her play so intently. This was a 20 minute project of trying to get the blocks to snap together (some were Legos, some weren't).
Play time continued...