Monday, January 19, 2009

Hodge Podge

Life has a way of rolling along, up to happy moments and down to some days of despair. Baby K is the bright star in my life and she brings joy to every day.
This weekend, we gathered in Dothan Alabama to say goodbye to my Aunt Gretchen (pictured on the right). She died last week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November. I am glad that she didn't linger with us in pain, but her time on earth was too short. She will be dearly missed.
I've been knitting some socks. This yarn has some crazy color combinations, but it's from Kaffe Fasset, so you have to embrace the wildness. I really like the sections where the colors blend rather than take a stark jump from stripe to stripe.

I'm going to spend the afternoon quilting, yay! I sumbitted entry forms for three quilts for the March AQG Show, only one of which is done. I have six weeks to finish the other two, so I'd better get at it.

Can you believe the Arizona Cardinals?!? This city is the happiest place on earth right now! Well, except for the historic crowds in that small town on the Potomac River, LOL.