Thursday, August 05, 2010

Quiltathon Progress

Change of plans since the last post. The quilt I wanted to put on the longarm was a bit too small to be a Quilt of Valor, so I added some borders. Then, I had no batting so I set that one aside and turned to the other mystery of the summer.

I've been working on LeAnn's QOV mystery #12 (check out Persimmon Quilts).I'm almost done with Clue #5. Of course, I'm a couple months behind the rest of the world...LeAnn has already started mystery #13!!

The Quiltathon was a success, I logged 6 solid hours in my sewing room. Now THAT'S a vacation day :-)

Mystery Solved!

Judy LaQuidara designed a great quilt. I left off the innermost border, since I did not have enough fabric and I could not wait for another run to the quilt shop! In my defense, I recently went on a shop hop, and the seven stores I visited did not have a match. The next question is how to quilt it...I may have to browse for some new pantographs!
I'm going to load up the longarm after lunch. Great quilting day so far!

Quiltathon Plans

JudyL over at Patchwork Times is "hosting" a quiltathon today and tomorrow. What that means in blog-land is that we all try to clear our schedules and hide away in our sewing space, emerging only to eat and post our progress! Hubby's at work, daughter's at daycare and Mama's gonna play!

I have two mystery quilts that I'd really love to finish today, plus ideas for quilting on the longarm so I plan to alternate my time between those projects. I'll be back in a few hours with pictures.

Happy Stitching!