Sunday, June 28, 2009


I hereby resolve that I will not cast on another pair of socks until this blanket is finished! Here are some tricolor squares... I adapted the original two color pattern for three colors. This lets me use up some of my leftover colors without an obvious repeat. I have been avoiding the seaming process, but I need to get started. I'm sure by the time I've done 100 or more seams, it won't be as intimidating!!

There is a water play area near some restaurants over by Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had a fun evening watching Kendra play.
We packed away her crib, here she is in her Big Girl bed:
I think mattresses are bigger these days...the headboard sure seemed taller when I was a kid. I plan to fill the blank wall with some of the beautiful quilts that have been made for her. Daddy will need to use the power tools, I just need to attach the hanging sleeves.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photos Today!

I know I should finish something before I start a new project, but this just took a few minutes to cut out and arrange. 3 inch squares for my Halloween Sudoku. I double checked that each fabric was only used once in it's row, column and block of 9. The one thing I may change is to fussy cut one of the fabrics (fourth from the right on the bottom row) since my random cutting managed to avoid showing the monster design completely! Here is the custom longarm project from last week. The quilter used beautiful batiks.
Isn't this a pretty block? I did a simple radiant design coming off the corners of the center square.
See the rainbow fabric in the setting triangles? That's what was making me blind as I tried to quilt curly q's in it with varigated thread! Here's a view from the back:

I had a suspicious mole taken off my shoulder blade today. 3 stitches, and it kind of stings, so I am staying away from the sewing machine and trying to keep my arms down this afternoon. But I have to stay out of the swimming pool for the next 12 days until they take the stitches out. That seems like a long time, especially since the forecast is above 100 degrees for the next two weeks. I guess I'll stay inside and watch lots of movies in the cool air conditioning!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Sewing Sunday

But, I couldn't let the week pass by without another post! I did not take a picture of the quilt I mentioned last time...some days it's just too much trouble to get the camera and the quilt in the same room! I think finishing 3 quilts in 5 days was a bit too much, I mean really gals, I am on summer vacation here - the deadlines are killing me!! Just kidding, the only deadline I was under was self-imposed, thinking that if I got customer quilts out the door, then I'd have time for personal stuff. But, then I ran out of inspiration, so I took a day off and caught up on TV - season finales that I hadn't watched back in May.

I know that I should spice this post up with pictures of my adorable little girl, but for some reason Blogger doesn't like to import photos from my Firefox browser. It's almost my bedtime and I don't want to switch over to Windows Internet Explorer, wah wah wah. Anyway, cute kid story - lately when I ask her to pick up her toys she responds "No thank you." Ummm, honey, I appreciate the manners, but that is not an option in this situation! It's even sweeter with her toddler "sank you" pronunciation of "thank you." And I crack up when we are listening to her music in the car and she wants us to skip a song "I don't care for this one." Out of the mouths of babes. I hope I can remember these cute moments when she's full of teen angst and attitude!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mish Mash

I finished quilting my friend's first-ever quilt. (I showed you the sketch last time.) I was happy with the pinwheel feathers in the center.Today's project has me quilting curly q's on a black fabric with rainbow swirls. If I don't go blind, I will share a picture tomorrow!

Check out the One Million Giraffes is my contribution. I have been a giraffe fanatic forever...I have at least 50 in my house! Too bad this kid only wants drawings, I could send him lots of pictures of figurines and stuffed toys.
Amy got me thinking about the 80s yesterday. Big shoulder pads, side ponytails, ripped sweatshirts, leg warmers, pegged pants, Polo shirts, Madras inter-changeable purses, Madonna, MTV, Mr. T, Ronald Reagan, Olympic boycotts...iconic decade for sure!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The process

Fun at the zoo! There is a little water play area and Kendra was brave enough to go through the waterfall. She hates having water on her face, so Daddy showed her how to put her hands over her eyes and walk forward until she felt the water. Of course, the highlight of any visit is the carousel. Today she rode the "li-lon" and gave a big RAWR.The Quilt Show is having a contest in support of Drawing Day, and I decided to play along.

Here is the quilt that I will be working on next:
To preview some quilting designs, I used photo editing software to print a grayscale copy. I lowered the brightness and now I have a worksheet to sketch on. I may be doing alot of stopping and starting since it will be tricky to move between the same-colored areas. I tend to do all my stitch-in-the-ditch before I start the block designs, although I've talked to other longarmers who do it as they move between blocks. I'm afraid I'd miss a side of a square along the way. The next question, do I have thread to match those fabrics??

Thursday, June 04, 2009

King Size

Only a peek, since I don't have a large enough space that is not covered in cat hair to take a full size picture! I am so thrilled to finish my mom's Kaffe Fasset Nine Patch. Here is the flower design that I put in the alternate nine patch blocks: Since the cream-on-cream thread did not photograph well, I added some detail on the computer to show the spiky fern border:
And finally, all of the block designs as seen on the back:
My machine ran for about nine hours for this quilt, so I probably spent at least 25 hours when you factor in the time to pin, wind bobbins, advance the rollers, etc. I only have two other customer quilts lined up, but plenty of my own stuff to finish. I love summer vacation!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ahh, vacation

I spent most of Monday at my longarm. It was wonderful! Actually, it started out crummy because I was trying to use invisible thread and it just would not cooperate. So, there was a bit of ripping out and then I decided on the nice aqua/green Permacore that you see in the right hand block. I got into a rhythm with the curves and got that whole section done.

I am going to use a different color and design in the other nine-patch blocks. I think I can finish this one by Friday, yay!

One of Kendra's grandmas went to Disneyland last week and brought her a princess hat. It's a little big, but she loved it.
I am waiting for the repairman to show up and fix our sliding glass door, then it's off to have lunch with my mom. I packed three projects for some afternoon sewing. I wonder what will get done?!?