Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekly post

I have been diligently working at the longarm every day. It's not hard when the quilts look like this:Hopefully, you can see some of the quilting in this shot of the back. I meander/stippled in the white squares and used a squiggly outline in the star blocks.
I have a waiting pile of quilts for Quilts of Valor, so I will keep to my daily schedule. I've realized that I can't stand and quilt for more than about 90 minutes at a stretch. My feet and back definitely let me know when I've been at it too long!

I am re-arranging the spare bedroom. It used to hold all my stamping supplies, but my in-laws gave me a corner desk unit so I'm slowly moving my smaller machine and quilting stuff up there also. I hope it won't be too loud to sew at night after Baby K is in bed...her room is next door to the spare room.

Speaking of K, here she is enjoying some peaches last week. We're hoping she enjoys fireworks tomorrow, our plan is to view them from a mall parking lot nearby instead of fighting the heat and crowds at the local baseball field.