Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Sewing Sunday

But, I couldn't let the week pass by without another post! I did not take a picture of the quilt I mentioned last time...some days it's just too much trouble to get the camera and the quilt in the same room! I think finishing 3 quilts in 5 days was a bit too much, I mean really gals, I am on summer vacation here - the deadlines are killing me!! Just kidding, the only deadline I was under was self-imposed, thinking that if I got customer quilts out the door, then I'd have time for personal stuff. But, then I ran out of inspiration, so I took a day off and caught up on TV - season finales that I hadn't watched back in May.

I know that I should spice this post up with pictures of my adorable little girl, but for some reason Blogger doesn't like to import photos from my Firefox browser. It's almost my bedtime and I don't want to switch over to Windows Internet Explorer, wah wah wah. Anyway, cute kid story - lately when I ask her to pick up her toys she responds "No thank you." Ummm, honey, I appreciate the manners, but that is not an option in this situation! It's even sweeter with her toddler "sank you" pronunciation of "thank you." And I crack up when we are listening to her music in the car and she wants us to skip a song "I don't care for this one." Out of the mouths of babes. I hope I can remember these cute moments when she's full of teen angst and attitude!