Friday, March 09, 2007

One toe

I gave up on the swatch, and just started the pattern as written for the medium size. I got 7 stitches to the inch on size 0, and I really didn't want to use 00s for the sole! It fits, such as it is, over my toes, but I'll make a final judgement when I get more of the sole done.

I think (I hope!) I will have more pooling rather that stripes, but again, it may be too early to tell...stay tuned :-)

I had a problem with the pattern for the set-up row...when I finished the 4 repeats of (k2, p2, k1, kfb) I had 7 stitches left! I just repeated the k2,p2 once more, but when I knit my first round of the sole, the stitches were off (knitting the bumps instead of purling them). It certainly doesn't bother me, and I probably miscounted - I was running up and down the stairs since Baby K didn't want to go to bed. We'll see how the second sock works out.

I am soooooo tempted to bring my knitting to students are testing today, but I have piles of homework to grade, so I will be good. The Suns are playing tonight and that makes for quality knitting time! Although I'm torn...I have 2 quilts to put on the longarm. Mom needs them for shop samples ASAP. I will have to set a timer and knit for an hour, then quilt for an hour!