Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hodge Podge

Here's the beautiful girl in her christening dress! The chiffon overlay had embroidered flowers on it. Baby K entertained herself by putting fistfuls in her mouth.

I did not knit this sweater, but I needed some fiber content :-)

Grandma made it for Baby K. With a cold front moving through, there's a good chance she'll get to wear it while it fits, too!

Happy feet:

I thought these shoes would show off my hand-knit socks...if I ever finish another pair!

And finally, our lone cat, all ready for winter curled up on a fleece blanket. B. went to the Humane Society today to see if they had picked up our run-away...no such luck, but he did see several possibilities for a new addition! We decided to be strong and wait until after Christmas to decide if we need another animal. We may have our hands full when Baby K gets mobile!!