Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back in action

I remember a friend coming over to watch a basketball game on Sept 15th, and I was sick. It is now October 15th, and I am still sick. UGH. I did finally drag myself to the doctor - on my birthday - and got confirmation that I have been walking around with bronchitis. I sped over to the pharmacy to get antibiotics and today I am feeling slightly better. Maybe by this weekend I will have energy to do something...anything besides blowing my nose would be progress at this point!

I was reading Breaking Dawn last night and said "Jacob!" when I meant to remprimand my cat Casey for scratching at the door. I might be getting a little bit sucked into that fictional world...

My "Martha Stewart" project...making coordinating Christmas socks for a family holiday photo. I started with Daddy's pair and I'm almost to the heel of sock #1.

I started a new quilt...Judy has such fun designs. The goal is to quilt for an hour a day. Grab some fat quarters and play along! I'm a week behind already, but some sewing time is better than none, especially with some longarm deadlines breathing down my neck. Luckily Friday is a half day of school so the afternoon is already blocked off for quilting!