Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Sewing

Last weekend I took a class from DeLoa Jones, a longarm quilter. We worked on feathers. Here is my sample piece...

Even though I have done freehand feathers on several quilts, I learned some new tips and shapes. Plus, it reinforced what I had learned in other classes. So, my message to other quilters is to take classes once in a while - it never hurts!
I decided over Christmas vacaction that I wanted to start journaling again. I know this blog serves a similar purpose, but I have kept a diary off and on since I was little. I spent a while in a bookstore perusing the blank books, and I loved the design on this one. I'm not very dedicated...3 entries for the whole month of January! I'll tell myself that new habits take a while to form.Baby K was an angel today...up until naptime, but I won't go into that! She announced after breakfast that she wanted to pllay upstairs. That is a rare treat. Even though her bedroom is upstairs, we keep the toy box downstairs and since she is still too young to play alone, we just never do that. But, I figure she is getting older so we can try it, especially on a lazy Saturday. I had a few projects in my sewing room, so I left her with some toys in her room (adjacent to my craft space). A few minutes later, she joined me in my sewing room, so I set her up with paper, rubber stamps and markers at my cutting table. She amused herself for almost an hour! It was so delightful. I was working on the borders for Shine On (pattern at Judy's Patchwork Times) and using the Boxy Stars (from Bonnie's Quiltville) as a leader/ender project.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Hodge Podge

Life has a way of rolling along, up to happy moments and down to some days of despair. Baby K is the bright star in my life and she brings joy to every day.
This weekend, we gathered in Dothan Alabama to say goodbye to my Aunt Gretchen (pictured on the right). She died last week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November. I am glad that she didn't linger with us in pain, but her time on earth was too short. She will be dearly missed.
I've been knitting some socks. This yarn has some crazy color combinations, but it's from Kaffe Fasset, so you have to embrace the wildness. I really like the sections where the colors blend rather than take a stark jump from stripe to stripe.

I'm going to spend the afternoon quilting, yay! I sumbitted entry forms for three quilts for the March AQG Show, only one of which is done. I have six weeks to finish the other two, so I'd better get at it.

Can you believe the Arizona Cardinals?!? This city is the happiest place on earth right now! Well, except for the historic crowds in that small town on the Potomac River, LOL.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Bumble Beans tagged me for a meme...list six quirky/weird things about yourself.

1) I read fast, about 100 pages an hour. Of course, with a toddler in the house, and a knitting hobby, I rarely get the opportunity to sit down with a book! I made the time last week and really enjoyed "The Reincarnationist." (See my new Shelfari icon!?!?! Click over there for more info!)

2) I don't have any major food aversions, except beets. My mother never served them, and they aren't on the menu much these days. My mother-in-law tried very hard one night to expand my taste buds, but I figure if I've lived 30-plus years with no beets, why start?

3) I didn't wear my retainers after my years of metal braces in junior high, so now I'm an ideal candidate for Invis-Align. The right side of my smile is sliding under the left side! I am going to save up some money this spring and start the process during summer vacation.

4) I never got into the full make-up routine. I don't own any eye shadow! Eye liner, mascara and chapstick are the only things I put on before I leave the house.

5) I try to have equal bites of everything on my plate...looking for that Libra balance I guess! I do the same thing with M-n-Ms - one red, then green, then yellow, then brown, etc.

6) I pin fabric with the sharp point to the raw edge, which is backwards for a lot of people. More of my mother's influence!

Leave me a comment if you decide to play along!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I told one of Baby K's grandmothers that she's ready for dress-up, and she came through like a champ! Here she is in her new princess dress, with a sparkly necklace, fancy shoes and keys to the kingdom ;-)

I am knitting a pair of socks and working on quilting my entry for the annual quilt show, but no progress pictures. So much for this being a crafty blog!

I'm not a rabid football fan, but how about those Arizona Cardinals?!? What a great game last night. I think my friend is glad he kept his season tickets this year, he may have one more home game to attend since Philadelphia is ahead right now!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cutie Pie

Baby K wanted to color today. She was writing "letters" and then she asked me to write words. Here is the list she dictated...
I'm sure Grandma will agree that is a sure sign of brilliance! (Oh no, I'm one of "those" mothers who tells boring stories about how amazing her average child is!!!)

She does have a 1,000-watt smile though:

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Catching up

We visited the new aquarium at the Wildlife World Zoo on New Year's Day. Baby K was *so* hyper! The blurriness is from her jumping up and down in front of the crocodile.There are three buildings with fish, and flamingos outside.The penguins were just standing around. I really wanted one to jump in the water and swim! There is a nice seating area in front of this exhibit, and that kept Baby K contained for a bit and gave us parents a rest from chasing her.We had sushi for dinner. Baby K ate a whole order of edamame by herself!And since I am avoiding the seaming chore on both my TOFU Tee sweater and my pile of afghan squares, I've been making more mitered squares.I am very tempted with new quilting projects...both the Block of the Month at Ricky Tims Quilt Show and Bonnie's Quiltville Mystery. But, since I'm back to school on Monday and have plenty of projects in the works, I am trying to practice some restraint and hopefully get things finished!