Monday, July 28, 2008

To Do's - DONE!

I had a wonderful time on a quilting retreat with my mom and 10 other fun ladies.
I finished the Christmas throw using the Turning Twenty Again pattern:

The big accomplishment was finishing a queen size quilt. This is "3 P's in a Pod, a Mystery by Jackie Robinson."
I started this in a class at the 2005 Quilt Camp in the Pines. My Ps are Pink, Purple and Polka Dots. Now it needs to rest a bit before I put it on the longarm to quilt it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We have been doing alot of coloring. K has a coloring book and this is her adorable pose on the floor:She is very precise coloring the stars:
Of course, with cats and kids, you have to take alot of pictures to get one good one!
We have a special song for clean up. She is diligent about getting all the crayons back in the box.
Yay Baby K! What a fun time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is not good:We call those "eyelashes" or "railroad tracks" and it means that the tension is off on my quilting machine. Of course, I didn't realize that until I had quilted four rows of a pantograph and took the quilt off the frame. UGH. Where is that seam ripper?!?

On Friday, I somehow managed to kick the edge of the bed, and possibly broke my toe:
No, not the big one. That's a bruise from a few weeks ago when Baby K dropped a high heeled shoe on my foot. The broken one is the fourth toe on my left foot (this little piggy had none). The swollen one that kind of leans too far left. I haven't been to the doctor, because I've heard there is nothing really to do for toes. It's feeling better finally - I can walk without limping, but stairs make it throb.

On a happier note, Baby K continues to enjoy the cheap thrills.
She entertained herself for a long time over the weekend with Post It notes.
And I have quilt top #3 to take on my retreat next weekend...
I got these blocks from "Quilting Knitters" on Ravelry. We all made a bunch of one block, sent them to the organizer, and got 15 different ones back. Everyone did a great job. I am thrilled, and inspired :-)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The girls

This is my favorite current picture of my darling daughter...One of her favorite games is making Mommy and Daddy lay on the floor to go "night night" as she puts a blanket over us. We get tucked in with kisses and stuffed animals. Then, when she wants us to get up, we have to "chase" her as she does laps around the couch. Quite the little director - I imagine in a few years we will have all the neighbor children at OUR house as she runs the show!
Here's Casey, the downstairs kitty. The cat stand is one of her napping spots , used primarily in the morning since the tile floor is much nicer during the heat of the day!And the "big sister" kitty, Gidget. Since she is the boss, she gets to sleep upstairs. It's funny to wake up, check on the baby and see Gidget sleeping at the top of the stairs so that other kitty doesn't invade her space!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Stitchin'

I have over 40 individual miter squares done, so I decided to try seaming them together. This is a project to do a little at a time, rather than all at once! Here is the view from the back...And the front. Not perfect, but once it is all together with many colors, I don't think anyone will take the time to critique the seams! I decided that I need to sew the seams with matching yarn, so I will carry each color up the back so there aren't any alternate colors poking through.
And here are more Quilts of Valor donations. I used pantographs on these to get them done quickly. Pinwheels...
And stars.
Here is some detail of the Linda Taylor feather pantograph that I used. I stitched them with red/white/blue varigated thread, which was perfect for the busy fabric.
No baby pictures today...I'm out of space!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cute baby

Baby K enjoyed pancakes for breakfast. She loved the maple syrup even more than the Mickey Mouse pancake!She played ball, until we had to make it disappear...she was biting chunks out of the foam. Oh well, she has other bouncy balls.
Another happy day in K-land!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Same stuff...

Quilts and baby!

My mom made this one to send to Quilts of Valor. It's the BQ2 pattern from Maple Leaf. I stippled in the cream background, did a leafy vine in the purple sash, and outlined the flowers in coordinating thread. I thought the backing fabric was perfect - you can see it along the bottom. Baby K walked up to me this morning while I was at the computer and announced "I did it!" showing me her tower...

4th of July was quiet. We took a quick trip down to Grandma's to swim, then tried to have our annual anniversary dinner at Pappadeaux's restaurant. Unfortunately, K was hyper after the long drive and Daddy and I took turns letting her run around on the outside patio. Came home and watched the Boston Pops fireworks and went to bed early!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekly post

I have been diligently working at the longarm every day. It's not hard when the quilts look like this:Hopefully, you can see some of the quilting in this shot of the back. I meander/stippled in the white squares and used a squiggly outline in the star blocks.
I have a waiting pile of quilts for Quilts of Valor, so I will keep to my daily schedule. I've realized that I can't stand and quilt for more than about 90 minutes at a stretch. My feet and back definitely let me know when I've been at it too long!

I am re-arranging the spare bedroom. It used to hold all my stamping supplies, but my in-laws gave me a corner desk unit so I'm slowly moving my smaller machine and quilting stuff up there also. I hope it won't be too loud to sew at night after Baby K is in bed...her room is next door to the spare room.

Speaking of K, here she is enjoying some peaches last week. We're hoping she enjoys fireworks tomorrow, our plan is to view them from a mall parking lot nearby instead of fighting the heat and crowds at the local baseball field.