Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

This is what we did on New Year's Day:

A 500-piece puzzle of the Mission San Xavier del Bac, which is jsut south of Tucson. We thought it sounded like a fun New Year's EVE project, but we went to bed early and forgot about it. OOPS. But it was perfect for New Year's Day with the Rose Parade on in the background. Some of the sky areas were pretty tricky. My method is to leave then come back to it throughout the day. Puzzle strategy - I look for colors that should be in the piece I want and then pick from the remaining pieces. B. picks up a piece, grabs the box top, and tries to figure out exactly where that piece goes. I guess it takes all kinds ;-)

Gidget has become much more active and friendly since she is an only-cat now. Here she is inspecting my thread box. She even made an appearance while my parents were over babysitting! It's the first time they've seen her in several years!

An example of bad math At my first Quilt Camp in the Pines a few years ago, I took a class from Sharyn Craig called "Half Log Cabin." I tried to re-create it here with 2.5" strips, and I ended up with a rectangle! I guess I should try a bit harder to dig out the original instructions...

And finally, here are the blocks I made for our guild meeting in February. Each month we get a new block pattern, and you get a raffle ticket for each block that you bring in the next month. The winner takes home all the completed blocks and is ready to finish a top! I've won two sets of blocks over the past 2 years, so I suppose I should put them together one of these days! (See, Susan, I *do* have UFOs!!!)