Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stitching Away

I've got all the blocks together for my Christmas throw, using the "Turning Twenty Again" pattern. It's fun to put together because of the randomness. I tried not to have any fabric show up twice in any one block. Here is a portion...
One of these days (or evenings when Baby K is asleep) I will lay it out on the floor and sew the top together. Since I already have quite a stack ready for the longarm, I need to spend time there! But instead, I started on my Storm at Sea. The complete block on the left is what I got done at camp 2 years ago. Today I sewed up the squares on the right. I have to re-check my math and decide how big it's going to be. I have a friend in mind as a recipient, so it's a toss up - do I make a twin size as a sofa quilt, or do I bite the bullet and go for the queen bed size?!?
And finally, here's our cutie pie. She loves to play with ice cubes and luckily our house has tile floors so I just let her drip everywhere. (Again with the expensive taste in toys!)
She enjoys a watermelon with Daddy, but she's not very good at smiling on command for long enough for the camera to capture it. Oh well, you get the idea!