Thursday, July 12, 2007

Babies grow up so fast...

This has been my primary project this summer - Baby K!

We toured a daycare facility yesterday, so Daddy thought we should try wearing shoes.

And here is bunny picture number ELEVEN. Hard to believe she is almost a year old! (for new readers, I have taken a picture of her with this same stuffed animal every month. It's a fun way to watch her grow.)
Yes, I have been managing to squeeze in some sewing time. This is the Baby K family tree row quilt. The blank space is for the other grandparents' photo. I was using up scraps, but started to repeat fabrics and then it ended up red and green. I am going to put horizontal sashing rows in and a small border in black.
This is a customer quilt that I took off the longarm this week. The top is the front of the quilt, and you can see my freehand squiggle designs on the solid backing. It was fun to work on this bright design!