Friday, January 07, 2011

Fun Mail

I was a lucky winner AGAIN in the Block Lotto!  So, it will be a fun week or so as all my wonky trees arrive.  And, the UFO Challenge group promised to send each other fat quarters to celebrate finishing things, so those are the other fabrics, some nice blue and cream small prints.
Here are the trees that I mailed to one of the other winners:
The green one is supposed to look like Charlie Brown's sparse Christmas tree :-)
I have to share a cute Christmas daughter is obsessed with the "Gloria" song.  You may know it as Angels We Have Heard On High, with the chorus "Gloria, in excelsis deo."  We were singing it and she was saying "Chelsea Stable" for excelsis!  I love how that little mind works.  And then, since the subject of stables came up, she figured that the stable Jesus was born in was pretty dusty.  Probably!  She also wonders why angels don't have shoes, LOL.