Thursday, April 26, 2007

Audience Participation


I have been on an online shopping spree this week. I have purchased books (photo forthcoming) and crafty supplies. I am going to get a Carefree Dress in at least two colors. (I already own one in Jade and it's soooooo comfy!) So, I thought I'd round out my purchases with some Socks that Rock yarn and use my Rockin Sock Club coupon.

Here's where the audience participation comes in...

Guess which colorways I choose for me and for DH! The prize is a Blue Moon Gift Certificate!
**I will accept guesses until 12 noon (MST) on Monday April 30th.** To enter, leave a comment with 2 (two) of Blue Moon's colors. Be sure to label your guesses with "A" (for me, Andi) and "B" for my husband.

Cryptic hint...I plan to make another pair of Jaywalkers with my yarn. This will be the first pair of socks I knit for B.

Standard the event that more than one person guesses both colorways, I will randomly draw the winner.