Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh my stars

All done with nap time! (I was trying to get her to pose with her hand on her cheek)

Sewing time...I quilted some mis-matched feathers on the Hawaiian Star
Here is a wider view...that light green to the right is the outer border. The end is in sight!
I'm using a JudyL Quilt for an Hour pattern to make some batik stars:

My colors got a little wonky in a few places, but that will give it a scrappy feel :-)

Thanksgiving Festivities

Playing with spoons, spatulas, etc is great fun. Today we're using an ice cream scoop.

Even when there is no blood, we sometimes need a band-aid. Baby K pulled up a chair and was singing "Bringing home a baby bumblebee" when I grabbed the camera:
At lunch time, we progressed to a scoop, and enjoyed some spaghetti for lunch.

After naptime, we got ready for the big turkey dinner.
I made three dishes of stuffing, since there were 20 of us for dinner. Note to self...don't bother expanding the recipe...I came home with two full dishes. Good thing I love stuffing, I'll be eating it for a week!