Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bunny Picture

Baby K at five months old:

The back of my leftover kaleidoscopes:

I'll show the front again after I get the bindings on. Can anyone explain, or send a link to instructions for applying straight bindings? I usually use mitered binding, but I'm using leftover strips and I don't have the excess to turn the corners. Although, I just bought some more of that blue background to make the hanging sleeves, so I could add more to my binding strips... Now it's just a debate over machine binding or hand stitching!

Next up on the longarm - two charity projects for the Quilt Pink auction! I had hoped to get the first one done over my Christmas vacation, but I was waiting on thread. I prefer PermaCore for the longarm and my favorite store was closed when I needed to order, so I used a different vendor and the shipment got delayed over New Year's Day.

Another question - does anyone save their excess batting? I end up with long strips that are only 6-8 inches wide after I quilt something on the longarm. It seems such a waste to throw that out, but I hate fiddling with leftovers trying to whip-stitch enough together for another project. If any of my quilt-blogger friends can use these scraps, let me know and we'll work out a swap!!