Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is not good:We call those "eyelashes" or "railroad tracks" and it means that the tension is off on my quilting machine. Of course, I didn't realize that until I had quilted four rows of a pantograph and took the quilt off the frame. UGH. Where is that seam ripper?!?

On Friday, I somehow managed to kick the edge of the bed, and possibly broke my toe:
No, not the big one. That's a bruise from a few weeks ago when Baby K dropped a high heeled shoe on my foot. The broken one is the fourth toe on my left foot (this little piggy had none). The swollen one that kind of leans too far left. I haven't been to the doctor, because I've heard there is nothing really to do for toes. It's feeling better finally - I can walk without limping, but stairs make it throb.

On a happier note, Baby K continues to enjoy the cheap thrills.
She entertained herself for a long time over the weekend with Post It notes.
And I have quilt top #3 to take on my retreat next weekend...
I got these blocks from "Quilting Knitters" on Ravelry. We all made a bunch of one block, sent them to the organizer, and got 15 different ones back. Everyone did a great job. I am thrilled, and inspired :-)