Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knotty, Knotty

I am getting low on the blue yarn in my multi-color vest, so I brought a new skein to wind at the shop tonight.

Problem #1 - hank is too long for the swift. No big deal, I just try to lay it loosely above and below the supports. Fine, we're winding along and then I notice strands are wound around the center post of the swift. Yikes! Not great, but totally fixable.

Solution #1 - Take hank off swift and hang it from my shoulder. Kind of awkward to wind, but I sort of get a rhythmic wrist shake to keep things moving.

Problem #2 - Big knot is developing as the winding end get tangled with loose end of hank. Temporary fix as I get a long enough strand to wind a couple turns before stopping to untangle.

Solution #2 - Stop and fight with huge knot. Slowly untangle from both ends, remembering to breathe deeply. Wish for camera as I start mentally drafting blog entry.

Problem #3 - Notice a spot where the yarn seems to be felting itself together. Darn alpaca wool!!!

Solution #3 - Untangle from both ends so the felt-y knot has only about 4 inches of yarn wasted. Cut off and tie remaining ends back together. Ahhhhh, back to knitting!

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Chris said...

Yikes - I hate winding nightmares! Sounds like you came out of it ok tho.

Contest winner will be selected by random number Monday evening - stay tuned. :) There is NO WAY I could pick a best caption - they are just too funny. Thanks for playing!