Monday, July 31, 2006

Show and Tell

These are the blocks I made in Sharon Schamber's class, "New York Rising Sun." We used her "Piec-li-que" technique, which she also refers to as paperless paper piecing. It involves templates, starch and Elmer's Glue!

I love techniques that capture my imagination. I would love to do a rainbow version of this block, with a white background and each sun a different primary color. I have always been attracted to varigated quilts. In a book, I saw an attic windows pattern that used color gradients in the different blocks. It was just stunning! The best gradients I have seen are hand-dyes, but dyeing my own fabric doesn't appeal to me. So far, my frugal nature has kept those out of my stash and in the "someday" category.

Back to Sharon's class. I got to see her Best of Show quilt up close. Amazing! It was encouraging for me as a beginning longarmer to see that she used some basic quilting shapes to produce such spectacular results. She used pebbles in alot of areas and outlined her applique shapes. Oh, and then there were feathers. I am a bit intimidated by feathers. I bought some stencils to start practicing!

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Susan said...

Are you the Andi who knows Jeanne Bradbury?