Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Feet

Yay! I finished my first pair of socks!! They even match (insert oohs and ahhs). The picture on the left is trying to show the eyelet rib pattern, and the Dutch heel. I used a 3 needle bind off, but of course I forgot to turn the sock inside out, so there is a little ridge along the toe.

Next question...what kind of shoes would best showcase the handknit socks?? I'm thinking Keds, but what color? White or blue? My mom has suggested Birkenstocks :-)

I think I'll try Jaywalkers next...I'm addicted!


La said...

Congrats on your first pair of socks. Addictive aren't they?

Carol said...

I love your socks!! Gotta show them off, so your mom's right - Birkenstocks all the way!

Kat Stamper said...

Those are QUITE impressive - and I can get you your Birki's really cheap!

Beth said...

I love making socks too, but haven't made any in a while. I make mine on two circulars. As for the shoes, I know there is a place online that you can buy clear clogs so you can show them off that way.