Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I am usually too impatient to prewash my fabric before starting a new project...especially with these strip club quilts where I have 30 2.5 inch strips. I always imagine the nightmare of frayed edges and go straight to the sewing machine! So, I have a bunch of finished quilts that have never been washed. (Now would be the time to invest in Retayne or Dye-magnet stock!!)

As I showed you yesterday, the next quilt will be made from batiks. I took the plunge (haha) and spent the morning handwashing the strips. Good thing! That focal fabric bled a pretty purple color, and the greens and yellows I'm using also turned the water various shades of the rainbow.

Next comes the OTHER reason I don't prewash...ironing!

Daily Baby Fix:
Baby K's favorite position...we call her "Superbaby"! She's really starting to fill up the crib.

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lorinda said...

Superbaby is what we used to call my son who slept the same way. Or froggy baby, because he looked froggish with limbs akimbo. She's too cute!

Love the batik fabric.