Sunday, October 01, 2006

A good spot to take a break

Progress is being made on my alpaca vest. I hope the stripes line up a bit better once it's seamed and blocked! A year has passed between the first and third panel, and I *hope* my knitting has improved in that time, so maybe that accounts for the variation! One more panel, a back wedge, and the edging. Maybe by February it will be done?!?

I thought this would be a perfect stopping point, since it is now SOCKTOBERFEST! I picked up the Jaywalkers that I started at Stitch-n-Pitch a few weeks ago. After about 8 rows of ribbing, I decided to try them on. They seemed waaaaaaay to big around my leg. So, I ripped them out and cast on my usual 68 stitches (usual...hahahaha, I've completed one pair of socks in my knitting history!) Then I adjusted the pattern for fewer stitches. I worked for a couple rows, then decided to see if there were any notes online for the pattern. I found messages from last winter's Jaywalker Knit-along, and Cara noted that she usually knits socks with 68 stitches, and the Jaywalkers turned out fine as written with 76 cast on. RIIIIIIIP yet again! So here it is, the first day of SOCKTOBERFEST, and instead of having a head start, I am just joining the stitches to begin my second-ever pair of socks.

Here is my angel baby, sleeping sweetly this morning:

There won't be baby pictures everyday anymore, the grandparents are back from their vacation now! I'll post pictures occasionally, probably the monthly bunny/growth shot, but we're back to regularly scheduled crafty posts from now on!

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Chris said...

Aw, that's a really cute baby picture!!