Thursday, October 05, 2006

What I've been up to

Everyone must be wondering how I have time to quilt and knit with a two-month-old in the picture. I have to give credit to my dear husband, B. He is also a teacher, but he took the year off to be home with Baby K. So, he cuddles with her while I pursue my hobbies! But that will come to a screeching halt in 10 days (trying not to panic!) when I go back to my teaching position. I had lunch with some friends yesterday and the conversation was dominated by descriptions of all the extra paperwork we are now doing for special ed inclusion, english-language learners, and to get our "professional pay" salary bonuses. (I have another friend who describes teaching in public school as a volunteer position...sometimes I agree!!)

Back to my craftiness... Have you seen the new craze: One Block Wonders?? Kinda like stack-n-whack, but with hexagons. I got these two blocks done last night in class. I am using a fall fabric with leaves and berries. My mom is using a fantastic Alexander Henry print in black and white geometrics with red and blue flowers. Hers will be stunning!

Here is my batik Strip Club block. There are 32 blocks total, to be put together in a pinwheel layout. I am going to cut the setting triangles today and lay it out on my bed...easier than the floor when you don't have a design wall!

And in honor of Socktoberfest 2006: I present the cuff of a Jaywalker!! I have knit about 3 rounds of the zigzag pattern. I was thinking last night of a way to keep track of which round I'm on, without using pen and paper. My brilliant idea was a marker that I could either clip on the project bag or leave on the table...I'd have a different marker for each one, and just leave the marker out for the row I had finished. This may devolve into a sticky note that says "Round 1" or "Round 2"!!
Blogger wouldn't let me upload more pictures today...I'll send baby pictures in email, or you can check back tomorrow for a glimpse at chubby cheeks!

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lorinda said...

The quilt 'squares' are beautiful. There is no perfect way to keep track of knitting rows, is there? Jaywalkers are fun to knit.