Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quilty Content

At my first Quilt Camp in the Pines (2004) I took a bargello class with Louisa Smith. So much fun! I used a green, purple and yellow pallette. This is now one of my long term UFOs...I need to sew the strips together, which involves LOTS of matching seams...yuck! And some of the strips may have gotten jumbled in the storage phase, so there may be some "design opportunities" when I start sewing again!

One of Louisa's innovations to the basic bargello is to add a twist. Notice that the teal color stays consistent while the other colors switch places. It would probably be more effective if the twist were a wider section, but I have found with my (limited) experience with bargellos that it is hard to make steep drops and long widths. So, I am going to finish this without the twist, but it's a fun variation to play with!


The Calico Cat said...

pretty! (I messed one of those up real good!)

The Carolina Quilter said...

Very pretty--like a quilters version of modern art!