Friday, December 22, 2006

same cute baby

"How do I work this thing?"

One of these days I will piece again! I have managed to finish a couple things on the longarm, but I've had no time or desire to set up the regular sewing machine. I can truly appreciate why moms like to go on weekend retreats!

I have sqeezed in some knitting time, and I *finally* reached the toe of my first Jaywalker sock. (I got my oil changed yesterday...quality knitting time!) There seem to be lots of plateaus in sock knitting. First you are so anxious to finish the cuff and get to the pattern. Then you knit for a long time, measure compulsively and finally reach the heel. Heels are fun because they take a higher level of concentration and counting. Then, it's back to the pattern for the foot. LOTS more compulsive measuring to see if you're ready to start the toe. It seems like the toe should be quick, but there are about 47 rows to knit the decreases! I can't believe I started this sock in OCTOBER...three months, that's got to be a record! And let's not even think about sock #2. Since these are in my school colors, I'll hope to have them finished by graduation in May, LOL.

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Cher said...

gorgous baby! love that age...