Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bunny Picture

Baby K at five months old:

The back of my leftover kaleidoscopes:

I'll show the front again after I get the bindings on. Can anyone explain, or send a link to instructions for applying straight bindings? I usually use mitered binding, but I'm using leftover strips and I don't have the excess to turn the corners. Although, I just bought some more of that blue background to make the hanging sleeves, so I could add more to my binding strips... Now it's just a debate over machine binding or hand stitching!

Next up on the longarm - two charity projects for the Quilt Pink auction! I had hoped to get the first one done over my Christmas vacation, but I was waiting on thread. I prefer PermaCore for the longarm and my favorite store was closed when I needed to order, so I used a different vendor and the shipment got delayed over New Year's Day.

Another question - does anyone save their excess batting? I end up with long strips that are only 6-8 inches wide after I quilt something on the longarm. It seems such a waste to throw that out, but I hate fiddling with leftovers trying to whip-stitch enough together for another project. If any of my quilt-blogger friends can use these scraps, let me know and we'll work out a swap!!


Samantha said...

1) that quilting is wonderful!
2) I save excess batting as my machine has a bridge stitch where I can join leftover bits together with a flat seam. If your machine does this, it can be great for leftover batting bits. If they are a bit wider, they're also excellent for placemats!

debby said...

I sew my leftover batting into 'Franken-batts'. Stitching them together is a soothing, mindless chore when I just want to sew and not worry about anything.

Try it!

The Calico Cat said...

O.K. what is a peek a boo quilt & shouldn't you finish it for baby K?

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I do both custom and patterns with my longarm.

I have no suggestions for binding....not my forte, although I'm getting better at joining the ends. I do attach the binding by machine, but always finish by hand. I also have heard of longarmers that attach the binding with the longarm.

As for batting, I always keep the scraps. Something always comes up where they can be use. I don't have time to baste batting, but someone is always asking for donations.

I've also used pieces of batting without basting them together on the longarm. Spray a little basting spray on the back of the batting at the edges, butt them together on top of the backing, cover with the top and quilt as normal. Once it is quilted you can't tell if it is one full piece.

Aunt Jenny said...

Beautiful quilting!! And cute cute baby too!!!
I loved reading your blog!!
I bind mine by hand.