Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Working over Break

We're thinking it's time to get a video camera. Baby K is on the move! This is the farthest she has ventured into the kitchen. She has a little pink ball that she likes to chase around and she can almost pull up on her toy box and the coffee table. This is a labor of love. (Mom - remember that saying that done is better than perfect???) I made this quilt top 2 years ago for my Dad's birthday. Mom quilted it with parallel (and not-so-parallel) lines. Then she decided the quilting is too horrible to exist in the world. And since I have soooooo much more free time than she does (see above picture...HA!) she dumped it back in my lap to pick out all the quilting and re-do it. I'm not sure what she was thinking, and I'm questioning my own sanity for doing it, but it is an overdue present for my Dad. So here we are. I spent 2 hours last night and haven't even got one block undone.
What would you do now?

Finally, I'll end on a high note. Can I just say that I love pantographs for my longarm??? This quilt is 60x60, and it took me about two hours to quilt. Love that!! It's a shop sample. I'm not sure what fabric line it is, but I think it's gorgeous.

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