Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Finishes

I had to wait until I finished my Inside Out socks before I opened my April Rockin Sock Club was torture! I had about 7 rows left when I got home, and Baby K was napping (thank goodness for small favors!) Of course, she woke up right as I started binding off, LOL. I had alot of fun with the first pattern: ***SPOILER ALERT FOR RSC MEMBERS...turn away now if you don't have your kit yet!***

Then, I got to rip into the April kit! The yarn is absolutely dreamy - a merino/silk blend. The pattern has a lacy, open leg which is perfect for spring weather. I'm itching to cast on, BUT... I don't own a ball winder :-( It's on my list for Saturday errands now! I need to swatch because I saw a comment on the club blog that the pattern is running large. I had so much fun with the first short row toes and heels, that I may try them again. WOW - my fourth pair of socks and I'm already modifying...definitely "Walking on the Wild Tide"!!! OK, I will admit that my design decisions are based on the fact that I don't have room in my budget for 2 sets of circular needles, which the pattern technique calls for!

Since the sock project is on hold for a day or so, I pulled out the Orange Delight and finished the borders. I think it came together nicely, and Gidget approves too! Now I have to decide on a quilting pattern. I have some ideas for custom work floating around my head, but I'm also in a time crunch so maybe I'll just use a pantograph. Although I could use the practice with custom free-hand quilting...(can you tell I'm a Libra?!?)

And finally, I noticed that Baby K's 5th tooth is showing through her bottom gums. We've said all along that she's a super-advanced baby...she's just 8 and a half months old. She's always on the move nowadays!

OH YEAH...this is a reminder to see my April 26th post (Audience Participation) for a contest!!!


Melzie said...

awww she is so cute :) Getting big! The orange is GORGEOUS very cheery! xoxo melzie

uberstrickenfrau said...

Wow! Love the quilt! That is awesome color choices!

Patchwork said...

Love the Orange Delight. Beautiful colors. I would have never thought to make an orange quilt, but yours has inspired me.

Susan said...

That's the third orange quilt I've liked tonight. I might have to make an orange quilt! That would mean some *shopping*!