Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen places I have lived…working backwards.

1. Current house on Mary Ann Drive in Phoenix AZ – bought new in 2002.

2. Rental house in Glendale – we were able to rent month-to-month from my BIL while our current house was under construction.

3. The house I bought as a single woman.

4. The apartment across from ASU West – one of the few in town with washer/dryer hookups.

5. The apartment on 44th Street with the roommate I rarely saw (there are advantages to a 2-bedroom, 2-bath place!)

6. Mom and Dad’s house in Phoenix – it was for about 6 months after my divorce while I decided what to do with the rest of my life!

7. Apartment in Mountain Home, Idaho – my last duty station in the Air Force. Lived alone with my first two cats, Squirt and Jason.

8. House on Wentworth Avenue in Rapid City…extravagant for a young married couple, but we were dual spouse Air Force and money shouldn’t have been a problem (cough cough)…oh well, those days are a distant memory!

9. Rental house in Clovis, New Mexico – commuter marriage while hubby #1 tried to get through pilot training.

10. Apartment in Littlefield, Texas. Home of Waylon Jennings, who came back for a concert on the 4th of July! Due to Air Force training, this tiny town in the middle of nowhere was the first home I shared with hubby #1...10 months AFTER the wedding!

11. Single Officer Housing at Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo TX – my Air Force training base. I spent the weekends with hubby #1 in Lubbock.

12. Dorms at the Air Force Academy. Beautiful place, although daily life could be kinda rough ;-)

13. Home in Phoenix (see #6). We moved in right before my senior year of high school. Mom renovated several times since then, so it really is like 2 different houses!

Of course, since I grew up as an Air Force brat, there are half a dozen more homes to list. Look for my “100 things” in the archives…I think I talked about them all! And yes, one of these days I will play around with blogger and put fancy links in the sidebar.

Knitting update: 25 rows to go on the Rockin Socks! April kit has not arrived yet.

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Connie said...

Did I know you lived in Clovis? I don't think so. I went to college (rather briefly) in Portales!