Monday, May 14, 2007

7 random things

I got tagged for this meme by the Knitting Moose. I've seen it around the Q4P ring, so if you haven't participated, consider yourself invited to the party!

1. I have a freckle on my eye...right in the iris. I worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory one summer, and a friend was doing a study on identification systems, and he took a picture of it.

2. I have never been a picky eater - mushrooms, onions, spinach, just bring it on. However, I will not eat beets, mainly because my mom hates them and I don't see the need to try them as an adult.

3. My mom made me cut my hair short when I was about 13 years old because I had the habit of chewing the ends while I read. And I read ALOT!!!

4. Once or twice a year I indulge my sugar cravings and buy a Costco birthday cake...vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filing and buttercream frosting. It takes about 10 days for B and I to finish it. This was also our wedding cake!

5. I have a better-than-average memory for numbers. It makes grading math papers really easy and quick!

6. I read my favorite blogs in the same order every day. It's basically the timeline of my discovery of them along with how I typed them into my Yahoo 360 blogroll!

7. Florence Nightengale and I share the same birthday - October 13th. Nothing unlucky for me about that number!


The Calico Cat said...

I was a hair chewer too... I had a perfect V...

KnittingMoose said...

Great list! Thanks for joining in the fun. :) btw, I hate beets too. I LOVE the color of them (and the color they make everything around them) but not a fan of the taste.

SheepsPyjamas said...

I'm November 13th, and it was a Friday to boot -- 13 is my lucky number!