Sunday, May 06, 2007

Frog, meet Grasshopper

I turned the heel, using short rows, and knit about 4 rounds of the leg.

I'm loving the yarn, but I noticed a couple things...

There was a HUGE gap between the back and the front. The pattern warned of this and suggested picking up a stitch or two in the gap, and then decreasing the next row. Well, how are you supposed to decrease the stitches when everything is yarnover and purl 2 together?!? Second problem...somehow I dropped 2 stitches on the heel-side. I did not feel like ripping it out and trying again. I had enough fun with the lace pattern on the foot.

So, I pulled out my "Sock Calendar" pattern book, and flipped to October - ta da! It's a basic pattern called "Everybody wants Sox" that has some ribbing and a pretty diagonal twist. I think it will really complement the beautiful colors in the yarn!

Today is another Stitch-n-Pitch event, which means knitting with hundreds of others at Chase Field. Go Diamondbacks!

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Ragnar said...

I'm waiting with baited (bated? abated? one of those words I won't know until it comes up in a crossword puzzle) breath to see how you like the toe up sock...keep on keepin' on sole sista.