Monday, June 18, 2007

First Feathers

I came home from my class at MQS inspired to try feathers. This is a shop sample for Cotton Fields, and it had perfect spaces for free-hand feathers.

In this shot of the backing, you can see my feather border:

Here you can see the "fuzzy" fabric, which was a challenge to quilt around so I kept it simple. In the pinwheel blocks, I used a continuous curve in the smaller triangles and you can barely see the small feathers in the pink triangles.

If you are intimidated by quilting feathers, there are many books that you can look at. Then practice on paper! There are some tricks to getting the flow and where to backtrack, that's why I suggest a book or class. Kim Brunner and Cindy Roth were the instructors in the classes I took, and they both recommended the book "Infinite Feathers" by Anita Shackleford.

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Su Bee said...

Good job! I'm still in the paper stage - but it's encouraging to see yours, they're very nice!