Saturday, July 28, 2007

Memory Lane

Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings posted these questions, which sent me back in time...

1. Did you ever join, or consider joining a sorority or fraternity?
If I had gone to a regular college, I probably would have tried. As it turns out, the Air Force is one big fraternity and whenever Academy grads get together you start comparing stories!

2. When you were ten years old, what was your favourite thing to spend money on?
At that age, I loved to ride my bike up to 7-Eleven, but it was across a major intersection, so we didn't make the trip very often. Slurpees and surgary candy - yum!

3. How many pairs of shoes, is too many pairs of shoes?
More than 10...I rotate among three or four pairs usually.

4. What food combination do you enjoy, that others might find somewhat odd?
Well, my favorite recipe is lasagna with spinach, and my husband detests cooked spinach, so I guess that qualifies. I think I'm fairly ordinary about food!

5. When is the last time you looked at a photograph of that special person in your life?
We just had professional portraits of Baby K done, and I have them laid out in the family room.

6. Think about your best friend in high school: how long has it been since you’ve seen him/her?
About five years...she invited me to her baby shower, and since then it's only been Christmas card photos!

7. Think of the last time you saw more than one of your high school classmates together at the same time: how did you happen to run into each other?
I flew to Texas for my friend's wedding, and I thought I recognized another classmate on the plane. I found him after we landed and he was visiting another friend in the same town. We had a few drinks and then went our separate ways.

8. How many of your teachers do you think you would love to visit in person after all the years since you graduated, just to talk about having them as a teacher and catch up: one or two, three to five, five to ten, or more than ten?
Only sophomore English teacher! We would have this group activity where someone would come up with outlandish questions ("If you could go back in time, what period would you visit?") and we'd take turns answering. The walls were covered with quotes that the students picked out from our reading...lots of Thoreau! I loved that class...and now I'm a math teacher. Go figure!

9. What was the best lunch food your high school served?
I usually brought my lunch except for the one day per week when they set up a taco salad bar.

10. Did you participate in any extra-curricular activities in high school, like sports, band, etc? If so, how many?
Yep. I played flute and piccolo in band and I was a Varsity swimmer all four years.

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Niki said...

Hi there :) I'm Niki, fellow quilter and Arizonian. I live in Mesa. Just wanted to say HI :) I have you linked on my blog and I'm a Q4P member, as well. HUGS