Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hospital Knitting

Last Friday, I was in the mood for some basic knitting. Little did I know this project would be perfect for the hospital waiting room! I started with a seed-stitch border, and the center design will be a four-patch of stockinette. You can see in the middle where I change from knits to purls. I'm aiming for about a 24" square baby blanket...we'll see if I have enough yarn! This is left over from the log cabin blanket I finished last fall. Since there is no real plan, if I run out of yarn the alternative is to rip it out and do something multi-colored.

I took my Rockin Socks along. I am almost to the heel of sock #2.

The sock was a big hit with the little girls who came to visit my brother's roommate. One of them was practically in my lap watching me knit! She even asked if I would make her some - oh my. I kindly explained that it would take too long. ;-)

And I came home to a new Rockin Sock kit:
The color is "Flower Power." This month the theme is "Summer of Love" - a throwback to 1967 hippies. Personally, I think of more yellow and orange with the turquoise and purple of that era, but whatever...the 2007 yarn is gorgeous!


CONNIE W said...

Working with those small needles looks difficult but I love the small stitches that result. I'm only learning to knit and have a medium size pair that I practice with. Lately haven't taken time for that, your post reminds me to do so.

Melissa said...

Hi Andi, got your comment on my blog (cosmicknits). Would love to meet up when we get to Phoenix. Funny thing- I am training to be a teacher when we get there (Elementary though), and along with knitting I love scrapbooking and paper crafting. So sounds like we have a lot in common! We arrive 27th Sept (not long now!). You can email me at mdorwATaolDOTcom if you like, but if you don't mind I will get in touch when we get there to meet up? I have a 2 year old son, so he will love playing with Baby K. Melissa xx