Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sticking to the schedule

Here is Baby K in her "big girl" forward-facing car seat. We hung the rings and a stuffed pig from the handle above the window and she obviously entertains herself.

I went ahead and took her to daycare today and came right back home to quilt. I wanted to get this charity quilt done for my guild meeting tonight:

The fabric is a toile-type print. I think my blue thread was too dark, but that's the lightest shade I had. And I didn't want to spend alot of time ripping out the squares I had done to see what cream would look like! More second guessing...maybe a more traditional pattern, such as a formal feather wreath, would have been better. Oh well, it's done now!

Here's a detail picture of my spiral flower:
Tomorrow the whole family has to get up and out of the house by 7am. Yikes! Luckily the diaper bag doesn't have to be quite as full when you're going to daycare...they supply diapers and food, so I just pack her teddy bear and a change of clothes.
B. is discovering the wonderful world of teaching...it's his first year, they want a complete syllabus, pre-test and lesson plans, and they've kept him busy with five straight days of meetings, plus a Saturday open house/BBQ at school. I've been very lucky with my school, the department is cohesive and I rarely have to make things up from scratch. For instance, I mentioned the changes to my curriculum...I'll get together with the other teachers for that course and we will "divide and conquer" to make the necessary changes to the unit plans and worksheets that we all use.
BTW, we get alot of comments that it is really early to go back to school. My response - I'd rather use the school's air conditioning than my own! Plus, we're done before Memorial Day in May, so it works out the same.

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