Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got a commission to make a quilt...and I have complete design control, how cool is that?!? I want something fairly simple, so I thought of a Trip Around the World - easy cutting and basic straight seams. It's due to the customer in January, which gives me time over Christmas vacation to work on it. Yay - fabric shopping with someone else's money, does it get any better??

And here's the munchkin, just a short while before a nasty ear infection struck. Yep, we've been to the doctor today and have the antibiotics to prove it! It seems like we are making WEEKLY visits, ugh.


Niki said...

What a cutie pie! All my kids suffered from those nasty ear infections. Miserable, for parents too! I visit your blog often. Love to read it :)

Niki said...

Just noticed you are in Phx. I'm in Mesa:) hi neighbor.

Mary said...

She's adorable!
Good luck on the quilt, Trip Around the World, so easy but so striking, can't wait to see it!