Friday, October 12, 2007

Design Challenge

Judy recently issued a design challenge. I had such fun playing with the Arkansas Crossroads block!

I started with blue, my favorite color:

I decided to try an offcenter design, soemthing a little different:

Then, I rotated the blocks and came up with tic-tact-toe. Since it also looks like hugs-n-kisses (XOXO) I changed the color scheme to pink:Finally, I decided to play with a scrappy color scheme. I put the blocks on point and added a piano key border. There is a thin inner border so the main design "floats."

I love how the variations emerge when you rotate the blocks. It's like the many layouts of log cabins, such fun to play with! You lose some of that with sashing, which is why none of these designs use sashing.


Julia said...

Beautiful, I love the first blue one. I have to get brave enough to share mine with everyone.

Quilting Mama said...

I love the first blue one, too...thought they all look good!

I found your blog working my way around the Q4P ring.

I've been knitting dishcloths, but seeing your blog I may have to try socks as well!

Mary said...

The scrappy version is my favorite! Wasn't this fun?

Vicki W said...

I love the scrappy one - this was a fun challenge!

Morah said...

I like! I like! I just can't seem to figure out EQ5! I tried but lost my patience! Looks like you had a good time.

julieQ said...

Ok, now I just have to get a program so I can design quilts, cause each one I see I just need to make it!!

Lkekko said...

Love the scape one the best. The colors are great.