Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Sewing

I've been working on The Commission. My original idea was a Trip Around the World pattern, but I wanted a lap quilt with 6 inch squares. I decided on 10 by 12 squares, which will give me a 60 by 72-inch quilt. The traditional "trip" pattern hasa single square in the center, which didn't work with the even numbers in my layout. I like the corners in this design because it gives it a little Southwest flair. I am working on my 6th mitered square for my knitted blanket. Visit Cara's blog and search for her "Miter Madness" - that was my inspiration. I decided to use blue as one of the colors in each square, and I have a different layout in mind. When I get enough squares done to showcase the design, I will take pictures.

Baby K gets cuter every day...if I do say so myself! She is starting to use some words, like "baaa" for ball and "nana" for banana. If she wants to eat, she just points to the kitchen and grunts. Such a lady!

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