Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday blues

It's been raining ALL DAY. We need it here in the drought-stricken desert, but it has sapped all my energy. B. and Baby K are napping, and I've been wasting time on the computer...mostly browsing around Ravelry, that black hole for knitters. A bunch of quilters are trying to find a computer geek to create a similar website for fabric - then I'll never get anything done!

All my projects are at a standstill. I need photo fabric to finish my aunt's quilt. I need a different size knitting needle to work on the ordination stole. Since those are deadline items, I feel guilty working on my own projects.

It's almost the last minute, so I'll start grading test papers soon so I can hand them back in first period tomorrow! At least with the writer's strike there are no television programs to distract me.

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